Microsoft Azure: From Zero to Hero - The Complete Guide

What you'll learn

  • What you'll learn

    • What is the cloud and what it's good for
    • Basic terminology of the cloud: Regions, Zones, etc.
    • Fundamentals of Microsoft Azure - Resource Groups, Storage Account, Budgets and more
    • Working with the Azure portal
    • Working with Azure Compute - Virtual Machines, App Services, AKS, Functions and more
    • Design and implementation of networking in Azure - VNets, Subnets, NSG, App Gateway and more
    • Data in Azure - Azure SQL, MySQL, CosmosDB, Storage and more
    • Messaging in Azure using Queues, Event Grid, Service Bus and Event Hubs
    • Managing authentication using Azure AD
    • How to secure your apps in Azure
    • Designing disaster recovery strategy
    • Manage costs in Azure
    • Architecting applications for Azure
    • How to migrate existing applications to Azure



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